Write a Book and Get Yourself Self Published at Lulu.com

Write anything that comes in your mind, be it a novel, or a collection of poems. And get yourself SELF PUBLISHED at Lulu.com. Then sell your book and make some money from it. Don't lose heart if nobody buys your work, you could always buy copies and give them to your mother, family and friends.They will make you think you are talented even if no one else will.


Get Paid To Read Articles

I went investigating about other get-paid-to-read-articles websites since my latest post on Readbud. I came up with this list, feel free to check them up. I assure you that I signed up for each and every one of them, and I only recommend those that I think are the best :)

1) Readbud - Get paid starting from 0.01$ to 1$ depending on the length of each article you read. Reach 50$ to get paid through Paypal

2) GetPaidTo - Answer surveys from 0.30$ to 2$, you can cash out daily using Paypal.



How To Make Money From Your Blog


Play an online game, and get paid!!

This is like a dream come true, you get to do what you do best : play a game online, and easily get paid for every gold you earn while on your adventure. Have you ever played Fate when you were young? Well, this is BETTER than Fate, Dungeons and Treasures leads you on an adventure, you can buy and sell your weapons, get into a dungeon, kill beasts and monsters; and EARN!!

Yes, you heard me! Click here now to register


Alternatives to Google Adsense

The easiest way to make money while blogging, is, obviously, by attracting as many readers to your blog, and hopefully gain a few dollars from the adverts that they click on your blog. Google Adsense is the default advert of blogger, and is the current leader in content-sensitive web-based marketing. But to get paid, you must have at least 30 page views per day, which can be hard.

Infolinks specializes in In-Text advertising. When a reader places his or her mouse over a certain phrase, a box opens showing ads. Infolinks pays us by either check or Paypal.

Chitika is the leader in impulse merchandising. Chitika helps web publishers (bloggers,etc..) generate revenue using merchandising solutions and services. Bloggers can now display targeted adverts depending on what kind of products you think suits you best. Chitika offers payment by Paypal (10$ minimum payout) and check (50$ miinimum payout).


Yeay, today I got my first payment from Squidoo :)

It may be little, but this motivates me to strive harder


Get Paid to Socialize

Nowadays, the hype on Facebook mmg sangat diketahui ramai. Way before that, Myspace and Friendster pun was apart of our daily lives. I don't know if we can actually get paid to be on Facebook.. but I do know that skarang kita boleh jana duit dengan sign up to a few websites similar to Facebook. By posting comments or new discussions, kita akan dibayar berdasarkan kualiti posts yang kita tulis. It might not be much as income, tapi it's quite fun to be apart of a community.. at least dapat a few cents per day pun cukup di zaman2 gawat ni hehe :)

Dengan hanya posts comments, discussions, photos, and tambah referrals di bawah anda, selain tu dapat juga build a network utk blog2 anda, etc.. Untuk dapat extra income, buat search on their search toolbar :)

Redgage is a bit like StumbleUpon or Digg it.. add friends on your network, so bila anda post your articles, or blogs, or videos, or photos, or links.. kita akan dibayar mengikut unique views.